Hisaronu is a tourist resort village in the Fethiye district of the Muğla Province of Turkey. It is situated at the western extreme of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the southern extreme of the Aegean coast.

Hisaronu is like a small English neighborhood.

British tourists make up most of the visitors of this town, which is 13 km from the city center of Fethiye and only 50 km from Dalaman Airport. Because the evenings are very active here. Cafes serving restaurants in the morning turn into pubs from evening hours.

Hisaronu; It is a very lively and colorful place with bars street, chinese restaurants, gift shops. Only thousands of British tourists have their homes here.

Here is Hisaronu, where these guests love to live the most. Therefore, Hisaronu is like a small English neighborhood.

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