About cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are small data files uploaded on your device when you visit a website or mobile app. Cookies allow a website or a mobile app to collect and store a range of data on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. Cookies help us to provide important features and functionality on our websites and mobile apps, and we use them to improve your customer experience.


We use Session Cookies which will automatically expire at the end of your browser session on our website and mobile apps. These are generally used for security purpose or to facilitate your use of our website or mobile apps. We use session cookies, to analyse the traffic on our website but also to remember your preference or the content of your online shopping basket.


We may also use Persistent Cookies which will be store for a longer period depending on the nature of their purpose. Persistent Cookies are used to remember your preferences and choices when you use our website or for targeted advertising and analytical purposes.


Essential Cookies


Essential cookies will be used as soon as you visit our website or mobile apps. We won’t request your consent to use essential cookies as these cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services you requested and to enable core functionality of our website and mobile apps. Without these cookies, essential features and core functionalities of our website or mobile apps will be affected.


We use essential cookies for the following purposes: security, network management, accessibility, to help webpage to load quickly, to analyse and monitor our site traffic and also for features such as online shopping basket. For example, essential cookies help us to keep track of what you are booking as you move through each stage of the booking process.


Non-essential Cookies


Non-essential cookies won’t be placed your device or collect any of your information unless you give your consent to allow us to do so. For example, we use non-essential cookies to do the following:

To deliver relevant online advertising

To measure the effectiveness of our marketing communications, including online advertising